Re: [ambient-light] What illuminance value should be reported for stopped sensor?

> I understand how you want API to behave, it is just bit confusing, 
maybe [Sensor.reading]( 
section needs to be reformulated somehow.

Heh. yeah. :) There's a lot of reformulation needed. That said, the 
[update current reading 
algorithm]( is 
quite clear about this.

> Spec says that 
[Sensor.reading]( points
 to current reading. Reading is an object, therefore if I write `let 
cached = Sensor.reading;` by default JS engines will make reference, 
as a web developer I might think that cached is pointing to current 

That's a good point in terms of meeting developer expectations. 
@rwaldron, WDYT?

Should we use method instead, e.g.:


> While in your example, Sensor.reading getter makes a immutable clone
 of a current reading.

That's not what happens, because if it did: `als.reading === 
als.reading;` would return `false` and we want it to return `true`.

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