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== Multiple sensor & sensor change discoverability ==

In [Background](https://w3c.github.io/sensors/#background), we see 
some discussion of how multiple sensors are to be dealt with. I'm 
generally pretty ok with using SensorOptions passed to a sensor 
constructor to pick non-default sensors. There ought however be:
1. Some way to discover these sensors (such that my code can adapt to 
an 18 wheeler's worth of DirectTirePressureSensors automatically).
2. A way to detect sensors joining & leaving (for example, a gamepad 
with gyro being connected).

Some existing examples of specs tackling discoverability:
* **[Gamepad 
enumerates gamepads with `getGamepads()` and exposes 
`gamepadconnected` and `gamepaddisconnected` events.
* **[Media Capture and 
 has an `enumerateDevices()` that returns a promise of all devices, 
and exposes a `devicechange` event signalling any change, with no 

There's good material here that could be replicated. Overall I'd 
prefer connected/disconnected events, since the sensor list could grow
 to be a very very considerable size and manually diffing that list to
 identify differences could be unpleasant.

Thank you all.

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