Re: [sensors] Call 'onchange' only when data changes and considering frequency hint

@foolip wow. My understanding from raising this issue was that there 
was no way to sync the frame clocks with the sensor polling. That's 
pretty exciting.

There's an open issue on this topic here: #4.

Note the main reason to request polling frequencies that are great 
than framerate are:

1. to decrease latency (pick the very latest values), so this means 
that polling must happen as close to the frame as possible, and
2. combining multiple values together on each frame.

 It feels like this might need a different notation, e.g.: 

new Gyroscope({ frequency: "2pf" });
// or
new Gyroscope({ readingsPerFrame: "2" });


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Received on Friday, 16 December 2016 16:36:10 UTC