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As a follow-up of my proposal on "subproperties", and taking into
account that the MIME type is bound to a media, What about something like


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De: Andrea Trasatti <>
Fecha: Lunes, Octubre 1, 2007 5:58 pm
Asunto: [VOC] MIME Types

> While working on the Core Vocabulary and trying to represent the 
> new  
> proposed structure of properties as sets of values I wondered about 
> MIME Types.
> There are some markups or image formats that share the same MIME  
> Type, think of application/xml (all XHTML) or image/gif (any type 
> of  
> GIF image), but there are some contents that might have more than 
> one  
> MIME Type, think of XHTML that can be associated with 
> application/xml  
> and also text/html or JPEG images that are often served as 
> image/jpg  
> and image/jpeg and the same with MPEG and MP3 files.
> How should we represent these? Should these be strings (so list 
> only  
> the preferred one in case of multiple) or should they be sets of  
> values or ordered lists? An ordered list would allow us to have  
> multiple values and at the same time define which is the preferred  
> MIME Type to use.
> jpegMimeType would then be 'image/jpg, image/jpeg' where the first 
> is  
> the preferred one.
> This seems to me the best approach but would fall down into 
> requiring  
> a property for every type thus canceling the advantage of using  
> something like "imageFormat" as a property to list all supported  
> image formats.
> I think we need some feedback from those individuals and companies  
> that already worked with these data structures for their vocabularies.
> - Andrea

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