Re: shapes-ISSUE-200 (Processors/ing): [Editorial] Processors, processing not defined [SHACL Spec]

I have added definitions for the terms processor and processing, and 
rewrote the controversial paragraph on targets, which now reads:

Targets of a shape are ignored whenever a focus node is provided 
directly as input to the validation process for that shape. This 
includes the cases where the shape is a value of one of 
theshape-expecting constraint parameters 
<#dfn-shape-expecting-constraint-parameters>(such as|sh:shape|) and a 
focus node is determined during the validation of the corresponding 
constraint component (such as|sh:ShapeConstraintComponent|).

I am closing the corresponding ISSUE-200, which is marked [Editorial]. 
As usual, if anyone sees further problems, please reopen the ticket.

The paragraph above is an example of why I am against having too much 
redundant, explanatory prose in the spec. We added this to clarify under 
which conditions targets are ignored, but this is IMHO already implied 
by the other definitions (of sh:shape and the fact that targets are 
merely one way of determining focus nodes). We have spent many 
iterations on getting this paragraph right, because its content is very 
hard to express in general terms. If people report further issues on 
this paragraph, I suggest to remove it completely.


On 18/11/2016 9:18, RDF Data Shapes Working Group Issue Tracker wrote:
> shapes-ISSUE-200 (Processors/ing): [Editorial] Processors, processing not defined [SHACL Spec]
> Raised by: Karen Coyle
> On product: SHACL Spec
> >From email[1]
> "Targets MUST be ignored when a shape is processed as a value of parameters
> of shape-based constraint components (i.e. sh:shape), logical constraint
> components (i.e. sh:or), or filter shapes (sh:filterShape)."  This notion of
> processing is not defined in the document.
> Other examples:
> SHACL Core processors as processors that support validation with the SHACL Core Language
> SHACL Full processors as processors that support validation with the SHACL Full Language
> [1]

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