java implementation of ShEx

Dear all,

I'm happy to announce you the release of a first version of a java 
implementation of ShEx.

It can be downloaded from

This first version provides :

- a command line tool for validating an RDF graph against a ShEx schema
- a java API allowing the same thing.

This first version supports the core ShEx features as specified in , except for Inclusion, Stems, 
ShapeExternal and semantic actions.

It is provided for testing purposes only.

The ShEx schema is parsed from json format, while the graph is to be 
given in .ttl format (for the command line), or as a Jena Model for the 
API. (The implementation is based on Apache Jena).

Please contact me for any further information you might need.

Iovka Boneva
Associate professor (MdC) Université de Lille
+33 6 95 75 70 25

Received on Friday, 4 November 2016 10:40:23 UTC