ISSUE-95: What should go into which Turtle file?

Arthur, all,

as I am working on the new metamodel draft (see [1] for references) I am 
wondering about where to draw the lines between the files. My original 
understanding was:

1) RDFS file defining all terms in RDF Schema only (classes, properties, 
ranges, domains)
2) SHACL file extending the schema with SHACL constraints (details of 


a) Where shall the vocabulary of the extension mechanism go (e.g. 
sh:sparql, functions). We could either add them to the RDFS file or 
limit them to the SHACL file. The latter option may reduce the 
controversies (some people are really just interested in the core 
language anyway).

b) Shall the SHACL file also contain the SPARQL queries? I have no 
strong opinion here, as we could inject the SPARQL queries from a third 
file maintained outside of the WG, as long as we have stable URIs for 
the subjects.



Received on Saturday, 30 January 2016 06:38:30 UTC