Some ISSUE proposals for this week

Given that Peter has sent regrets for this week, maybe we should again 
aim at uncontroversial topics.

ISSUE-126 and ISSUE-127 are outdated as both concepts have been replaced 
in the new draft. Suggest CLOSE with no action.

ISSUE-132 can be closed: all core constraint definitions have been 
generalized to work for all three possible cases.

ISSUE-123 and ISSUE-150 could be handled together. My proposal is to 
drop sh:directType and merge sh:datatype and sh:class into sh:type as 
outlined on the proposals wiki page. We should do such syntax changes 
(if we do them) before the next round of publication.

I also notice several high-level ISSUEs that may have outlived their 
usefulness or may be outdated:
- ISSUE-65 is too general and old to be actionable
- ISSUE-111 was created while we discussed to what extent SHACL shall 
cover UI properties such as sh:name. We decided to provide limited 
support for these, but not much more, so maybe this ticket is no longer 


Received on Wednesday, 27 April 2016 00:33:54 UTC