Re: shapes-ISSUE-141 (Mixed ranges): How to represent mixed datatype-or-class ranges [SHACL - Core]

On 3/21/16 9:16 PM, RDF Data Shapes Working Group Issue Tracker wrote:
> Some options:
> 0) Do nothing, consider this a rare (anti) pattern.

Hopefully we all agree that this is far from a rare case. The more 
general a vocabulary (e.g. DCTerms) more likely it is to have a variety 
of uses.

Now the question is: do the solutions being suggested allow one to have 

x dcterms:subject "A string"
x dcterms:subject

in the same graph, both valid?


p.s. Stats on vocab use on open web at 
show that DCTerms is still by far the most used, DCe (the original DC 
set with no ranges defined) close behind, but coming up.

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