SHACL core spec revisited

I have done a major revision of the Core part of the spec to implement 
the decisions from last week.

- New introduction
- Added RDFS relationship section
- All constraint types have a SPARQL definition (again)
- Added the four property pair constraint types
- Updated Results Vocabulary section
- Added section on sh:shapesGraph property (include mechanism)
- Dropped profiles section

I would like to open the floor to anyone who would like to make edits 
(on GitHub, ideally on branches). Also, the SPARQL definitions and the 
updated textual definitions need reviewing.

The definitions of the logical operators include an implementation of 
failure handling with recursion (sh:valueShape assumes recursion is OK, 
all other cases should propagate failures).


Received on Monday, 14 September 2015 07:24:10 UTC