Re: Shall we add sh:InversePropertyScope and sh:AllObjectsScope?

So would this be in the core vocabulary? Because I've been given the 
impression that the core vocabulary is full - since the answer to my 
requirements is:

On 8/31/15 10:47 PM, Holger Knublauch wrote:
> SHACL can certainly express all this, but maybe not with its Core
> Vocabulary. It's still SHACL though.

How do some things get into core and others do not? There are at least 
two requirements that have come from the DCMI community that are 
essential but that we've been told cannot be in the core. How does this 
get decided?


On 7/17/15 8:43 PM, Holger Knublauch wrote:
> Peter,
> in the minutes about ISSUE-62 I see you stated "I would like to be able
> select objects of a property, not just subjects". We currently have [1]
> sh:PropertyScope, which selects all subjects for a property. Is my
> understanding correct that you'd like to see something like
> sh:InversePropertyScope too?
> Also, we have sh:AllSubjectsScope - should I also add sh:AllObjectsScope
> (which would exclude literals)?
> Both are trivial to add and they seem to make sense, if only for symmetry.
> Thanks
> Holger
> [1]

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