Draft status

As discussed today, I am forcing myself to not commit further changes to 
the master branch of the spec document from now on. I am of course 
tempted to continue fixing issues, yet I acknowledge that we should go 
into next week's meeting with a stable base line, giving everyone a 
chance to review it before the meeting.

The last fix I just made was to apply today's resolution to ISSUE-70, 
generalizing the concept of sh:defaultValueType to also apply to IRIs.

The status is that I have tried my best to address the many issues 
reported by Peter, Arnaud and Arthur all the way to the start of the 
Advanced section. It is certainly not perfect yet, but I hope it brings 
us closer to an acceptable state for a FPWD so that we can demonstrate a 
heart beat.


Received on Thursday, 3 September 2015 21:27:49 UTC