Re: Specific proposals for ISSUE-1

On 6/24/2015 10:50, Arthur Ryman wrote:
> +1
> However I suggest a name change.
> Use sh:valueClass in Proposal 2. This consistent with sh:scopeClass in
> Proposal 4.
> Use sh:valueType in Proposal 3.

My concern is how to explain this difference to users. This distinction 
is very subtle and many people will make mistakes unless we select very 
clear names. With valueClass and valueType I would myself be confused, 
because the choice feels arbitrary to me. I could live well with 
sh:valueClass replacing the current sh:valueType (also because it aligns 
well with sh:scopeClass). But then I think we need something more 
distinct for the case of direct rdf:type without subclasses. We can 
hopefully solve this quickly during the next meeting.


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