sh:allowedValues and skos:Collection

This is related to the ISSUE-80, but still separate matter. 

One way of referencing classifications etc. would be to create lists from existing concepts. However, if you create such lists then you should also describe how the list is created and add some human readable documentation to it. I tried to think of a way to validate data that references to members in skos:Collection. You could validate skos:Collections with skos:member using inverse property constraints, but skos:memberList is bit difficult. I tried to refence the same list (blank node) in both skos:memberList and sh:allowedValues but it seems that its a bad idea. 

Could it be possible to support instances of skos:Collection with the sh:allowedValues predicate? Allowed values could come from the list defined by skos:memberList. This would also mean that you could reuse the same value lists in multiple constraints. Same functionality could also be achieved by creating similar sh:Collection and sh:memberList to the SHACL specification. 

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Received on Monday, 17 August 2015 16:05:00 UTC