Re: SKOS concept scheme URIs as values for constraints

On 8/12/2015 19:09, Phil Archer wrote:
> Actually, in this case, the test could be:
> 1. the value of a dcterms:subject property matched
> /http:\/\/id\.loc\.gov\/authorities\/subjects\/\d+$/
> 2. an HTTP HEAD request returns a 200 response

Could this be extended so that the HTTP look-up only needs to happen if 
there is no local copy of that namespace, e.g. as a named graph? I can 
imagine that many enterprise setups would not want to rely on live data 
from the public internet to look up reference data. If only for 
performance reasons, it should probably be an option to use local copies 
that are updated in regular intervals. Then, if no such named graph 
exists, do the HTTP request as a last measure?


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