Re: Updated proposal to close ISSUE-51 based on Turtle file in ISSUE-51 branch

This resolution points to a document with 1966 lines.  The summary is lacking

Please provide the relevant definitions so that I can determine what is going

In particular, it appears that failure results encompass both non-logical
(communications) issues and logical (recursion) issues.  I don't see why
recursion issues are not a kind of validation failure.


On 08/03/2015 05:18 PM, Holger Knublauch wrote:
> Dimitris and I had some detailed discussions about ISSUE-51 and I believe we
> have largely agreed on a revised design that I would like to propose to the
> group:
> PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-51 based on the design outlined in the Turtle file
> Note that I did *not* yet update the textual companion documents because this
> would be quite some work that I'd rather delay until we have a general agreement.
> Summary of changes:
> There are now three kinds of results:
> - ValidationResults point at a severity level such as Warning and Error and
> provide additional details about which triples were causing the violation
> - FailureResults are unexpected situations such as unsupported recursion or
> communication problems with a database ("sorry we could not process your
> request")
> - SuccessResults can be used to capture successful runs, for logging purposes
> It is easy to add new types of severity levels (which also carry an index so
> that they can be ordered), and failure types. The design also makes it easy to
> repurpose the severity levels for additional use cases such as accumulated
> results.
> There were also various renamings and other minor clean ups. Nothing changes
> for the syntax of the SELECT queries.
> Holger

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