Re: Extending SPIN with meta-templates

On 11/11/14 12:33 PM, Irene Polikoff wrote:
> We should strive to use and align, as much as possible, with existing syntaxes, approaches, etc. If they can't support the requirements and can't be easily extended to support the requirements, only then it makes the argument for something completely new. It would be to cavalier not to have this as a criteria.

Align, yes, but pre-limit to, no. If we took that attitude, we'd still 
be programming in COBOL. My experience is that people gravitate rather 
quickly to new technologies that they find fit their needs. Otherwise we 
wouldn't have Java, Ruby, Python, Ruby-on-Rails, iPython, PHP, JS.... 
and on and on.

So before rejecting ShEx *because* it is new, we should look at what we 
are trying to do, and the best way to do it. "New" is not an a priori 
reason for rejection.


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