Re: Weekly phone call times

* Holger Knublauch <> [2014-11-07 12:01+1000]
> I have to confess the current time of our weekly meetings is killing
> me. Getting up between 1 am and 2 am wouldn't be too bad, but some
> of you may know how hard it is to get sleep either before or after
> such a time slot. Basically my next working day happens in zombie
> mode.
> Looking at the previous list of attendees we have very few people
> from Europe showing up. Getting those (1-2) participants accept a
> time slot shortly after dinner time would open up the following
> possibility:
> - US West Coast: 11 am
> - US East Coast: 2 pm
> - Central Europe: 8 pm
> - Queensland: 5 am

* Peter F. Patel-Schneider <> [2014-11-06 20:53-0800]
[from a separate thread]
> In fact, 11am PT on Wednesdays is much worse for me than the current
> time, as I have a recurring conflict at that time.  Of all the
> possible times for having the working group meetings, 11am is the
> one where I have the most conflicts that would be hard to move.

Peter, 1-1.5hrs later be better? 9 or 9:30pm is actually better for me
because I have generally managed to tranquilize my daughter by then.

Who can make
- US West Coast: noon
- US East Coast: 3 pm
- Central Europe: 9 pm
- Queensland: 6 am
or 30 mins later?


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