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[closed] Re: "Bad Syntax" message instead of 404 file not found Tim Berners-Lee (Tuesday, 31 August)

RFE: evaluate test results by graph match rather than text diff Dan Connolly (Friday, 27 August)

stop squatting on rdf:is Dan Connolly (Friday, 20 August)

float/decimal mix-up when doing financial calculations Dan Connolly (Monday, 16 August)

math built-in called on existential: kerflewey Dan Connolly (Monday, 16 August)

math:quotient on strings crashes Dan Connolly (Monday, 16 August)

CWM unsoundness Yarden Katz (Wednesday, 11 August)

Bug: Grammar Files Disappeared Sean B. Palmer (Monday, 9 August)

RFE: Replacing os:argv Sean B. Palmer (Monday, 9 August)

cvs HEAD fails tests Yosi Scharf (Friday, 6 August)

UTF, non ASCII chars in subjects and predicates meyer (Wednesday, 4 August)

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