Re: Please run the lint script

Le 2017-03-01 09:42, Geoffrey Sneddon a écrit :
> Can I draw people's attention to the lint script, documented at
> <>?


This is the first time I hear about the lint script and its 

$ ./lint
wpt_tools.lint not found.  Did you forget to run "git submodule update 
--init --recursive"?

> Those of you committing/pushing to Mercurial, can you please ensure
> you don't add any failing lints as it necessitates someone fixing them
> before others contributing through GitHub can have *anything* landed?

CR AT EOL: cross-platform “Unix” line endings: the editor I use 
unfortunately does not have a convenient setting for this. Geoffrey, did 
I blunder with my 8964:49c472839bba changeset?

INDENT TABS: I use only white spaces, no tab. I know a bunch of tests 
(not mine) in writing-modes test suite that have lines starting with 
several tabs, by the way. The previous documentation only mentioned this 
as a preference. Here's one:

PATH LENGTH: Test file's pathname has a total length greater than 150 
characters; Some tests have actually a total length rather close to 150 
characters. I would look into


is 138 characters!

TRAILING WHITESPACE: many editors have a setting for this.

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