[OFFLIST] Re: Guidelines for editing the CSS testsuite with github

Le 2017-04-12 12:36, Geoffrey Sneddon a écrit :

> I know some of documentation is wrong, but all of it was
> wrong before the merge and merging it hasn't made it any more wrong,

I agree with you on this. But I want to add that, in my humble opinion, 
fixing and/or updating accordingly all documentations should be a 
priority. Especially if new procedures, new norms are in place now.

> I don't think it's reasonable to expect me to fix all the problems
> with documentation around the testsuite.

Who is responsible for problems with documentation around testsuites, 
test management, etc... I am not trying to, not looking to blame anyone 
here. I really wish we (test authors, test reviewers) could have 
reliable (as reliable as humanly possible), trustworthy (as trustworthy 
as humanly possible) documentation around testsuites, test management at 
all time.

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