Re: [css-backgrounds-3] border-image-slice-007 bad linkage to its border-image-source


Thanks for your input on the corrupted files.

Isn't it odd that the following sections in the spec have no tests ?
Can we consider a proper coverage of the spec  without tests for the 
following sections?

2.3. Animated Values   [NO tests but OK as CSS Transitions module ]
3. Backgrounds       [NO tests, but seems OK]
3.11. Backgrounds of Special Elements  [NO tests]
3.11.1. The Canvas Background and the Root Element [NO tests]
3.11.2. The Canvas Background and the HTML <body> Element[NO tests]
3.11.3. The ‘::first-line’ Pseudo-element‘s Background  [NO tests]
5.4. Color and Style Transitions     [NO tests]
5.5. Overlapping Curves     [NO tests]
6. Border Images    [NO tests]
6.6. Drawing the Border Image    [NO tests]
7.1.1. Shadow Shape, Spread, and Knockout [NO tests]
7.1.2. Blurring Shadow Edges   [NO tests]
7.1.3. Layering, Layout, and Other Details  [NO tests]


Le 01/12/2016 à 22:25, Gérard Talbot a écrit :
> Hello,
> [src]
> [nightly-unstable]
> Every browser fail this test because, first of all, the linkage
> line 14: border-image-source: url("../support/9grid40-30-20-10-lime.png");
> is incorrect. I've run a recursive find file command ( $ find -name
> "*grid40*" ) and that support file is nowhere in the repository.
> I have not examined or checked the test furthermore.
> Gérard

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