RE: Is anyone using Apache for the CSS testsuite?

> Given the slow movement towards merging with web-platform-tests, we
> need to move all of these over to the means used for that
> (<

> requiring-special-headers>).
> Now, if we were to move, do we need to get anyone else to move apart
> from our own server? John, given I believe MS are running the whole
> testsuite internally, I presume you're using Apache? Is this going to be an
> issue for you? (I presume you're already running wptserve for
> web-platform-tests?) Is there anyone else running the testsuite using
> Apache for whom this would be an issue?
Thanks for asking! No, this will not be a problem for us. However, I would say that moving the tests to web-platform-tests would be the preferred priority, but I understand that people have other things to do.


Received on Thursday, 11 August 2016 15:16:22 UTC