dependencies in tests


I am wondering what to do when testing a feature A that depends on a feature B if B isn't available (and is something from another spec). Should I make that a pass condition? a fail condition? Something else?

Here's one concrete example:

For 'cursor: text', "User agents may automatically display a horizontal I-beam/cursor (e.g. same as the vertical-text keyword) for vertical text"

(This is a MAY, so the "may" flag meta flag is needed, but that's orthogonal to the question).

A simple test would involve using writing-mode to make a piece of vertical text, apply the text-cursor to it, and check what it looks like.

But what if the browser doesn't support writing modes?

Should the text in the test says something like "Test passes if ..., fails if ..., and if there is no vertical text, skip this test."?

I could not find guidance for this in the testthewebforward site.

 - Florian

Received on Tuesday, 16 June 2015 20:20:49 UTC