bidi-table-001 is sub-optimal; same bidi-table-001 filename


These 2 tests share the same filename.

This test

is not so clear: is the test specifically testing default inheritance of 
'direction'? If so, then the title should mention "inheritance" or 
"inherited" ... which could be added into the filename so it would fix 
the problem of identical filenames.
Eg inherit-bidi-table-001

Shepherd also reports absence of specification anchor

Also, the code could be improved and would be improved by creating a 
<table class="ref"> or <div class="ref"><table> ...; the test has no 
reference comparison actually. Only reading the pass-fail-conditions 
sentence clarifies how the test can be/is passed or failed.

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Received on Monday, 12 January 2015 04:46:28 UTC