Review of 'row-progression-01[1-8].xht'

Le 2015-01-11 03:22, 塩澤 元 a écrit :
> Gérard,
> I have submitted 'direciton: rtl' version.
> Please review these test-cases.


I think those tests should not be using 'unicode-bidi'... unless you 
want to specifically test directionality of text inside table cells.

I think your tests - without use of 'unicode-bidi' - should be about 
*_table column ordering_*; how 'direction:rtl' set on a table element 
affects table column order.

When you read the spec and a testable statement of the spec, you want to 
create a test that will check one and one single aspect of the spec and 
one and only one statement of the spec. And you want to create filenames 
for test and test assertion text that will be coherent.

When I now rethink this, I do not see how we could create more tests or 
other tests regarding table rows progression. By definition, 'direction: 
rtl' and 'unicode-bidi: bidi-override' are not supposed to have any 
impact, any rendering effect on table row progression to begin with! But 
'direction: rtl' should have an impact, a rendering effect on columns 

Are your 'row-progression-01[1-8].xht' tests a waste of time? No. They 
should probably a) be filename-renamed b) with new <title> and c) with 
new text assert and check how 'unicode-bidi: override' does to text 
directionality in table cells and another version of those same 
'row-progression-01[1-8].xht' tests should be about table column order.

I'll try to create an example of this later.


> 2015-01-07 23:39 GMT+09:00 塩澤 元 (Shiozawa, Hajime) <
>> Hi Gérard,
>> I have reviewed 'row-progression-00[2~9].xht'.
>>>> I feel that it is need to add 'direction: rtl' version of these
>>>> testcases.
>>>> Now I'm thinking about creating 'direction: rtl' version of these
>>>> testcases.
>>> Okay, go ahead. Create 'direction: rtl' version of
>>> row-progression-00[2-9].xht tests.
>> OK, I'm going to create 'direciton: rtl' version of tests.
>> I will submit 'direction: rtl' version of tests on this weekend.
>> --
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