Re: Review of 'row-progression-00[2~9].xht'

Le 2014-12-31 03:50, 塩澤 元 a écrit :
> Hi Gérard,

Hello Hajime,

> I have reviewed 'row-progression-00[2~9].xht'.
> I feel that it is need to add 'direction: rtl' version of these 
> testcases.
> Now I'm thinking about creating 'direction: rtl' version of these 
> testcases.

Okay, go ahead. Create 'direction: rtl' version of 
row-progression-00[2-9].xht tests.

> However, you will probably add new variation of row-progression test 
> for
> 'direction: *ltr*'. (maybe row-progression-010, 011, ...)

No, I do not intend right now to add new variations of row-progression 
tests with 'direction: ltr'.

We have basic row progression tests coverage now... with 'direction: 

I will do more *table* testing later on margin collapsing, 
border-spacing, border-collapse, margin collapsing in orthogonal flow, 
column width, visibility collapse, etc...

But, right now, with regards to row progression inside table, we have 
basic coverage for that feature and, as you pointed out, only for 
'direction: ltr' cases.

> Should I wait for you to finish creating test for 'direction: *ltr*'?
> Or do you have any plan to create 'direction: rlt' version yourself?

Initially, I did not have plans to create a 'direction: rlt' version of 
those row-progression tests. So, go ahead.

Although, I initially had the plan to do the example 12
as a test.

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