Shepherd and [NeedsWork=...] text values in Whiteboard field for CSS 2.1 tests


What happened to Shepherd's test files with their Whiteboard field set 

It seems to me that the Whiteboard field of tests with 
[NeedsWork=Incorrect] or with [NeedsWork=Precision] have had their 
Whiteboard field emptied!

returns only 1 test only because I edited one today.


returns 0 test!

One example:

had its Whiteboard field set to
[NeedsWork=Incorrect] [NeedsWork=Precision] [NeedsWork=Metadata]


On another related issue, the 3 links to gather all incorrect or 
imprecise tests in CSS 2.1 do not work:

just try the 3 "Shepherd Query" links for Incorrect, Imprecise and 
Incorrect and Imprecise.

Web authors' contributions to CSS 2.1 test suite
CSS 2.1 Test suite RC6, March 23rd 2011

Received on Saturday, 14 June 2014 17:25:12 UTC