CSS3 tests: the case of CodePen demos


Except those demos that makes use of JavaScript ( or of a JS framework ), on CodePen there are many interesting examples of advanced uses of CSS3
features, including animations, transformations and transitions plus many other features. Consider the following demo:


This is an interesting example of box-shadow and transformations applied to pseudo-elements. 
The HTML structure resembles that used in the past for the Acid 2 Test:

<div class="vader">
  		<div class="h"></div>
  		<div class="hbl"></div>
  		<div class="hb"></div>
  		<div class="hbr"></div>
  		<div class="e l"></div>
  		<div class="e"></div>
  		<div class="c"></div>
  		<div class="n"></div>
  		<div class="m"></div>

I think these demos deserve a look when creating tests that fall into the "evil" category.

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