Re: What *is* a spec test? (musings on feature interop tests)

Hi Mihai,

On 11/03/2013 08:23 PM, Mihai Balan wrote:
> Now we're face with the following dilemma, and here's where your
> input is most welcome. I strongly believe there's value in having
> these "feature interop" tests developed and shared through the W3C.
> As more complex specs are nearing maturity, I expect these kinds of
> tests to pop up more and more, as browsers inherently share some
> implementation similarities.

Very much so.

> My proposal for a rather simple (and a little incomplete to begin
> with) solution would be to just store these "feature interop" test in
> the test suite corresponding to the feature they are most clearly
> linked to and introduce a new flag[1] or something similar to easily
> track and filter them. Does it make any sense?

I believe that is already possible if you add <link rel=help> to all 
related specs.


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