[css3-writing-modes] vertical-alignment-001

Hello Hajime


I would replace the "." with an "and" so that it would be perfectly
clear to testers that all 3 conditions must be met, all 3 conditions
must succeed for the test to be passed.

"yellow box" ==> "yellow square": box is never a good shape descriptor
in the pass/fail conditions sentence.

horiz-box_59x59.png: has 3 blue lines. To simplify the task of testers,
I suggest to just have 1 blue line in horiz-box_59x59.png . The way the
test is designed will make the blue blue-horiz-line-220x1.png line go
under the horiz-box_59x59.png but it still must be vertically aligned
the same as with "LLLL"; the horiz-box_59x59.png must still be "sitting"
on the baseline.

I believe filename of support files should avoid underscore ("_")
character and use hyphen ("-") character instead: I've asked Peter Linss
to confirm this.

I would rename horiz-box_59x59.png to yellow-square-59x59.png

The <span> element in the 6 sub-tests is not needed; it's not a mistake
but, since it is not styled, I do not think it should be in the 6

The yellow square <img> and "L" glyph in the 6 sub-tests are useful as
the bottom of both elements (inline replaced element and inline
non-replaced element) should all be lining up vertically with the blue
line, should both be touching the blue line. In reality, the blue line
is overlapping the bottom of "L" glyph and yellow square.

So, I've "puttered" around your test and I believe


is more correct than





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