[RC6] max-height-[001-111] tests: reviewed, improved, corrected and reftested


I have reviewed, corrected (according to the comments I made in
Shepherd) and reftested about 80 max-height-[001-111] tests.

Most of the time, I have increased the set height (twice the amount set
in max-height) which was to be constrained by max-height in the test.

Worth mentioning is



which was not testing max-height: none. Testing initial, default value
is tricky and more difficult. I replaced the test with a code situation
(last in sort order is more specific: therefore, preceding, overriding
former) which is not entirely satisfactory either but it's definitely a
more sensible attempt to test max-height: none. With such new test,
browsers with buggy support for max-height have at least a reasonable
chance to display red.

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