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(12/10/22 3:09), Gérard Talbot wrote:
> As far as I am concerned and involved, such goal is a rule: you want
> only-CSS1-capable browsers and only-CSS2.1-capable browsers to fail
> such tests. Sometimes, such goal is not possible, achievable,
> therefore there are exceptions.

For any 'border-radius' reftests, it is possible. You just include a
dummy reftest like the one I come up with. The question is, doing that
seems to obscure the real test and so I would not think it is a good idea.

(12/10/22 3:09), Gérard Talbot wrote:
> If I understand your test - and I'm not sure that I do right now - ,
> this is an extreme and edge case.

The test is

Is the part that you consider extreme and edge actually the "dummy" part?

(12/10/22 3:43), Gérard Talbot wrote:
> Such requirement is not obtainable realistically speaking.
> E.g.
> This is an OK test; this is a reasonable test. Albeit there are some
> issues with the test but, as far as failing in
> non-capable-CSS3-border-radius browsers, the test is adequate,
> appropriate.

I am not getting this. Commenting out 'border-radius' in this test would
still satisfly "The test passes if the rectangle has four square corners
(no red is shown)." How does it fail non-capable-CSS3-border-radius

>> 2) have some
>> statements like "FAIL if the corners are not rounded."
> I suggest to use
> Test passes if the 4 corners of the rectangle are <strong>rounded</strong>.
> Test passes if the 4 corners of the rectangle are <strong>square</strong>.
> I recommend to use the same introductory formulation: Test passes if
> [boolean condition].

We could do that, but aren't reftests supposed to not to require human

>> So, should we drop that requirement or do we actually allow test
>> submitters to do something like 2) ? I feel like I am misunderstanding
>> the requirement so I'd like to be educated.
> There is a number of situations where border-radius declarations can not
> create rounded corners. Therefore, such requirement can not in all
> fairness be applied.

What do we do for test cases like these then? Do we have a list of these

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