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Re: Media Query test suite buggy in webkit

From: L. David Baron <dbaron@dbaron.org>
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2011 14:46:15 -0700
To: Simon Fraser <smfr@me.com>
Cc: Paul Eustice <paul.eustice@gmail.com>, public-css-testsuite@w3.org
Message-ID: <20110608214615.GA10042@pickering.dbaron.org>
On Wednesday 2011-06-08 13:30 -0700, Simon Fraser wrote:
> What's the URL for said test suite?


> On Jun 7, 2011, at 4:54 AM, Paul Eustice wrote:
> > I've noticed that in Chrome 11, Safari 5 and the latest (06/06/11) webkit nightly that the Media Query test suite is returning a very large number of fails, and an incorrect total test number. All other A-Grade browsers return 361 test results, while webkit browsers are all returning 180 Passed, 190 Failed - a total of 370.

One reason for the discrepancy (accounting for a difference of 8) is
the failures "unexpected result testing whether query ...".  In of
those cases, the test returns an extra result since the
query_is_parseable function returns a bogus result that may or may
not be what its caller expected.

The other reason (the remaining 1) is a similar case in the
"breaking from loop" result; the code that searches for the color
depth by repeatedly executing min-color queries fails to find a
color, so reports an extra failure.

I don't think this is a problem, though; the number of results isn't
relevant; whether all the tests pass is what's relevant.


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