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Le Lun 14 février 2011 0:09, taka oshiyama a écrit :
> Talbot-san
> Please find an updated one here!

> 5-yes, I did. (complete eliminated unnecessary tags)


I still do not understand why you use 'white-space: pre' on the <div>
and why the testcase would need or would require 'white-space: pre'. I
believe normal line-wrapping and white-space collapsing should still
occur, should still happen even when writing-mode is vertical and block
flow is right to left.

Except for that 'white-space: pre' issue, the testcase
writing-mode-vertical-rl-001.xht is good.

<suggestion-food for thought>

For other testcases, - just a possibility - you could create a
self-meaningful shape or form out of the expected patterns of blue
squares and and yellow squares. Your initial testcase is like comparing
2 mosaics of size 6 x 6 .


For testers, this c5502-imrgn-r-003 is very good: very short (statement
defining expected results is very short/fast to read), very clear and
unambiguous and very easy/very fast to figure out and also reliable.

In terms of shape or form, there are lots of possibilities here.

</suggestion-food for thought>

But again, except for that 'white-space: pre' issue (which I do not
understand: I think it should be avoided), the testcase
writing-mode-vertical-rl-001.xht is good.

regards, Gérard
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