Re: clipping-016 invalid?

Le Sam 5 février 2011 16:19, Peter Linss a écrit :
> The last change to clipping-016 changes the pass conditions to require
> a green square, but as far as I can tell the test will generate a
> rectangle when working properly (as it does).


I am 100% certain, sure that the testcase

should be saying

a <strong>green rectangle</strong>

and not

<strong>a green square</strong>

> When I read "square" in a selftest, I take it literally, as I presume
> is the general intention. (Just to be clear, I've seen other tests say
> "rectangle" where I presume a square is also a valid rectangle,
> correct?)

Yes. Square is a valid rectangle; square is a sub-category of rectangle.

regards, Gérard
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