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On 28/09/10 04:31, Simon Fraser wrote:
> The following tests have bogus data in the 'flags' column in, in suite 20100917:
> block-in-inline-007

Heh, just got assert/flags mixed up. Fixed.

> outline-width-096

Already fixed by gtalbot.

> The following tests have "DOM", rather than "dom" as a flag:
> content-computed-value-003
> content-computed-value-001
> content-computed-value-002

Fixed. (Arron: those are all MS tests, FWIW.)

> The following test has a flag, 'evil', that is not documented on
> bidi-alt-001

That's been there (and only in that test) since it was added… I've 
removed it, as as far as I can tell it should have never been there.

> Am I correct in thinking that all refs are assumed to be "=" refs?


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