HTML tests? (html-attribute-*/html-precedence-*)


Looking through tests with incorrect metadata, I came across the 
html-attribute-* and html-precedence-* tests. As far as I can tell, they 
are all valid for XHTML too, seeming the interesting part in that case 
is only when the stylesheets are in the user style sheet per spec (which 
is html-precedence-003). The name seems a bit confusing, but the cost of 
renaming tests now seems to high, oh well…

That said, html-attribute-029 should be fixed not to point to a 404 link 
in the XHTML copy of the testsuite.

Looking at the spec, it appears the tests should have the "may" flag in 
HTML and the "should" flag in XHTML. fantasai, any idea of what to do 
with that?

Geoffrey Sneddon — Opera Software

Received on Saturday, 25 September 2010 20:42:58 UTC