RE: Conversion of MS CSS 2.1 tests to reftests

Actually recording pass/fail assumes a server-side interface and
storage, for one. So you would not be able to use this straight
out of a zip file. Also, everyone already has test frameworks
and tools of their own so there is no indication that whatever
we put in there would actually be used. (Never mind that any
solution we build will depend on ASP.Net and other technologies
no one else here uses or wants to use...) I also doubt we're 
interested in handling harness front-end bugs/feature requests 
or imply that we would. We submit testcases and process feedback 
about them.

Tab Atkins has set up a similar system. I can't speak up for
him but it's not very hard.

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> Sylvain Galineau wrote:
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> > To be clear, reviews are also performed using a simple iframe and
> some
> script to do previous/next and register pass/fail that took
> > very little time to produce.
> Just a thought. Why such basic system was not provided or made
> available
> along with the raw test suite? ... so that we would have all downloaded
> the zip file and run the tests locally under the same conditions? or
> why
> it was not proposed to offer/use a basic system like that?
> 9952 tests is still a huge amount of tests for anyone...
> regards, Gérard
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