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at-charset-013 invalid in XHTML

From: L. David Baron <dbaron@dbaron.org>
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2010 17:27:10 -0700
To: public-css-testsuite@w3.org
Message-ID: <20100919002710.GA27327@pickering.dbaron.org>
On Saturday 2010-09-18 17:25 -0700, L. David Baron wrote:
> http://test.csswg.org/suites/css2.1/20100917/xhtml1/at-charset-012.xht
> is invalid in the XHTML format.  The tests presumes that the page is
> Shift_JIS.  However, in XHTML, a <meta> does not change the charset,
> so it is UTF-8.  See http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/#C_9 for an
> explanation.
> The test is currently marked with the nonHTML flag; I believe the
> flag may be backwards and that the test is probably valid in HTML
> but not in XHTML.

These comments also apply to at-charset-013.  (at-charset-013
suggests using UI to change to Shift_JIS; however in Gecko such UI
doesn't change XHTML documents, since their encoding is precisely


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