Re: CSS2.1 Test Suite Build RC 1


This testcase
is technically correct *_but_* the text assert and/or the comment says
nothing about what is happening really in the testcase. In the testcase,
bottom: 100% is resolved as bottom: auto because the body's height (body
is the containing block here) depends on #div1, etc. I explained and
proposed changes for the assert of that test.
If you change (or remove) 'position: absolute' and make it static, the
testcase still passes. If you change 'right: 50%' to 'right: auto', the
testcase still passes.
I would replace 'left: 0' with 'left: 2em' so that we could clearly see
the list marker. I would do the same for
*-applies-to-010.htm testcases.
                vertical-align: 7.5ex;

vertical-align computes to 97.5px and rounds up to 98px in Firefox
3.6.10: it's not 96px! That test also fails in Konqueror 4.4.5 due to
the Fractional pixel problem again!
Fractional pixel problem here too!


This is more review stuff actually..
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