Re: Tests with difficult/confusing pass condition/wording: background-root-020.htm and tables-001.htm

> Hi,
> the following lists a number of tests that were found to be confusing
> with
> regard to determining a test result.

> ==== Ian Hickson ====
> There are no "links below". Also, the last two sentences should be
> rewritten to not require an understanding of the specification


I have examined that background-root-020.htm testcase and will approve
it: it's a correct testcase (amply discussed in bug 15405 and elsewhere
at But it needs work and adjustments (<meta>s,
link rel=help, acceptable and understandable expected results, tunings,
etc). I will suggest a replacement based on it.

Right now, I have no precise idea how the
can be translated into a test condition that "Your
mother/husband/roommate/brother/bus driver" would understand.
The original testcase really wanted this condition to be part of the test.


> This test could use a description/an explicit pass condition

I spent quite a bit of time examining the spec and that testcase. It's a
correct testcase and I will approve it. But it needs work and
adjustments: <meta>, better <link rel="help">s, a new title and
acceptable text as expected results.

That tables-001.htm test is not just about anonymous table objects
(17.2.1 Anonymous table objects )  but also about
how border-spacing is implemented in (border-collapse: separate) tables
that have only 1 single cell.

"The distance between the table border and the borders of the cells on
the edge of the table is the table's padding for that side, plus the
relevant border spacing distance. For example, on the right hand side,
the distance is padding-right + horizontal border-spacing. "
17.6.1 The separated borders model

regards, Gérard
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