Re: Licensing

On Fri, 23 Oct 2009, fantasai wrote:
> Anyway. I'm having a lot of trouble with #3, because your directory 
> indexes don't include any of the support files unless they're PNG or 
> CSS. I'm getting the feeling that manually downloading all your tests is 
> not going to pick up all the requisite files--especially since I know 
> you've written tests in the past that rely on files that aren't even 
> linked from the test because they only trigger on failure cases.  If you 
> can take the five minutes to zip up your adhoc/css directory from the 
> server and send them to me or to dbaron or put them up on your site 
> somewhere, that would make this a whole lot easier, and, more 
> importantly, more accurate.

However, this will likely not save you much time. Many of these tests are 
wrong, refer to other resources, depend on the exact directory or server 
structure used, etc. You're still going to have to go through each one by 

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