Re: Licensing

Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Wed, 21 Oct 2009, fantasai wrote:
>> Ian Hickson wrote:
>>> On Wed, 21 Oct 2009, fantasai wrote:
>>>> I'd like to get these tests checked in this week, so we can get an
>>>> accurate build of the test coverage report for TPAC. There's three ways
>>>> this could happen:
>>>>   1. I give you access to check in the tests yourself.
>>>>   2. You send me a tarball of the tests and associated files.
>>>>   3. I scrape them off your website.
>>>> All three methods work for me, although if any server-side configuration
>>>> is required #1 or #2 is definitely the best way to go.
>>> I won't have time to do #1 or #3 for a long time.
>> #3 doesn't require any work on your part, other than replying
>> and saying that this is what you want me to do. So I don't
>> understand your answer.
> Sorry, I meant #1 and #2. I've already said #3 is fine?:

You said it was fine but implied that I shouldn't be doing it because
you wanted dbaron to do something.

Anyway. I'm having a lot of trouble with #3, because your directory
indexes don't include any of the support files unless they're PNG
or CSS. I'm getting the feeling that manually downloading all your
tests is not going to pick up all the requisite files--especially
since I know you've written tests in the past that rely on files that
aren't even linked from the test because they only trigger on failure
cases.  If you can take the five minutes to zip up your adhoc/css
directory from the server and send them to me or to dbaron or put them
up on your site somewhere, that would make this a whole lot easier, and,
more importantly, more accurate.


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