Re: Proposal for precisely flagging optional specifications [CSS21]

James Hopkins wrote:
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> The issue in hand can be applied to writing test cases for 12.5 LISTS 
> since the specification itself is entirely optional [1], based on the 
> fact that vendors are free to choose whether list-items generate marker 
> boxes. For example, a document is created to test how a first-child 
> floated box interacts with the marker box (which is positioned inside 
> the principal box). Since the marker box is rendered as the first inline 
> box in the principal box in this instance, this test translates into the 
> interaction between inline and floated boxes which is documented as 
> REQUIRED in a separate specification. However, the generation of a 
> marker box is optional, and in order to pass this test, marker box 
> generation must be supported.
> [1] "An element with 'display: list-item' generates a principal box for 
> the element's content and an optional marker box as a visual indication 
> that the element is a list item" 
> []

Ah. This is poor wording on the part of CSS2.1. The marker box is not
optional, it is required to exist when list-style is not none, and is
required to not exist when list-style is none. Cross-posting to www-style;
this is a 2.1 issue. :)

Proposed change:
   .. and, depending on the values of 'list-style-type' and 'list-style-image',
   possibly also a marker box ...

(I'll respond to the rest of this message separately.)


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