Re: <link rel=reviewer>

Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> During the CSS WG we discussed a convention where someone would review a 
> test and if the test was found fine she/he would add <link rel=reviewer> 
> meaning that the test was approved. If the test was not found fine 
> changes would be made and the original author would verify the changes. 
> However, what flag is used in that case?
> Would it make sense for the person making changes to add a <link 
> rel=contributor> and for the original author to add the reviewer keyword 
> to his/her <link rel=author> element? Roughly you would either end up with:
>   <link rel=author href=...>
>   <link rel=reviewer href=...>
> or
>   <link rel="author reviewer" href=...>
>   <link rel=contributor href=...>
> And the combination of the entities identified by author, contributor, 
> and reviewer would be responsible for the correctness of the test.
> (Until this is agreed upon/clarified I will not review any tests.)

I've updated the review process and format documentation
with the format requested by the WG


Received on Wednesday, 22 April 2009 18:19:24 UTC