Importing tests from one suite to another

We have a significant amount of overlap between specs, e.g.
between CSS2.1 and CSS3 specs. Tests written for CSS2.1 often
apply to a CSS3 module, and vice versa.

We really don't want to have to maintain two sets of what are
essentially the same tests. I've been thinking of various ways
to "import" tests from one suite to another, and I wanted to
just throw out this idea for comment:

   In each test we have a link to the appropriate spec section.
   What if instead of independent source directories for each
   CSS3 module collected together all CSS tests, and each test
   had links to the appropriate spec sections for each spec they
   tested? Then the build scripts for each test suite could
   trawl the set of all tests and build only the tests that
   apply to that particular test suite.

This would only work for CSS tests, not for Selectors and
(probably) Media Queries, which use a different format.



Received on Friday, 12 September 2008 21:03:29 UTC