Re: Microsoft contributing test cases to the CSS WG

On Wed, 5 Mar 2008, L. David Baron wrote:
>  * at least on Linux, we get an incorrect ex-height out of the Ahem
>    font (or at least different from the 0.5em that your tests
>    expect; I think we get 1em), so we fail almost all of the ex-unit
>    related tests

I believe the x-height in Ahem is 0.8em. (Specifically, the sxHeight field 
of the OS/2 table is set to 800, and the em height of the font is 1000, at 
least according to Microsoft's ttfdump tool.)

The bounding box of the 'x' and 'o' characters are 1em, though, so 
implementations that do bounding box measurements could get that instead.

Under no circumstances is 0.5em a valid 'ex' height for this font, though.

BTW, congratulations to Microsoft on your recent beta; the improvements 
are a great step in the right direction, and your contribution of this 
test suite is very encouraging.

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