Microsoft contributing test cases to the CSS WG

Hello all,
                During the development of Beta 1 of Internet Explorer 8, the Internet Explorer test team has created a number of test cases to validate our implementation of CSS2.1.  We would now like to contribute this first round of tests - 702 test cases - to the CSS 2.1 Test Suite effort, as we would like to encourage and assist in creating a comprehensive, complete test suite for CSS2.1, and even more importantly, we would like to validate our understanding and interpretation of the CSS2.1 specification.  Arron will also be spending some of his time to assist in the maintenance of the Test Suite.

These tests are being offered under the BSD license we've been discussing, as I think that gives the greatest flexibility in how they are used by others.  If there's anything we need to do to make this more flexible and usable, please let us know.

The test cases are published now at

-Chris Wilson (and Arron Eicholz and the rest of the IE team)

Received on Wednesday, 5 March 2008 17:26:44 UTC