Re: MWI Test Harness for CSS

Chris Wilson wrote:

> As for the layout system in IE up through IE7 (of which hasLayout was a side effect), it was never intended to HAVE effects that would prevent it from passing any CSS test.

Well since hasLayout is history there shouldn't be a need for testing 
for hasLayout.

> As for importing all of the tests from<> (or any other suite of tests out there), I think we all want the most comprehensive suite possible; all that is really needed is the author to enable an appropriate license on their tests, and someone to sign up to format them into the CSS 2.1 Test Suite (and the reviewers to review, and make sure they're not just overlap with tests that are already there, of course).
> -Chris

To right there Chris. There Bruno Fassino's test cases.

My own.

But none of these can simply be included in the CSS test suite. They are 
intended for authors and not implementors. They are largely designed to 
analyze or demonstrate why particular bug behavior happens (if that's 
possible). I would like to have some of my test cases included but none 
in their current format. Both Bruno and myself are very aware of what 
duplications there are so it much simpler for us to breakdown these mass 
test cases into individual test. Then there are the extra test cases of 
bug behavior still in the pipeline.

Another issue is that some test cases are involving undefined behavior 
in CSS2.1. This needs to be defined on the CSS WG list before such test 
cases can be included in any CSS test suite.


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